A legacy of democratic revolutions: the humanities consider more and more social relations to be conventional. A legacy of scientific revolutions: the social sciences more and more search for natural causes for the same relationships.

Several bags of groceries from the big-chain supermarket were carted to the back of the family-owned Indian market.

Countless pages, hours, and energy have been spent explicating the noun form of a fascinating verb.

From the right, we can learn how to fight like you mean it. Could this lesson even teach us how to bring life back to the party?

The sad state of affairs is that even legitimate grievances are understood or even articulated as whining, bellyaching, and complaining.

There is passion which flashes like lightning in the sky and there is passion which burns like a field afire. If you are unlucky enough, the first strikes you down; if you are unprepared, the second consumes you.

It is better to feel pain than nothing at all.


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