It commits to one side of an antagonistic contradiction. It corresponds to an unresolvable dilemma that demands resolution. 

Easy to do, easy to like, easy to forget.

This is the obverse of their contempt for humans.

Some patience is really pacing and hence necessary for progress; some patience is just avoidance and hence disastrous for it.

I have liberal democratic “instincts” coming from at least four and probably more sources. 

Everyone is less annoying and even less antagonistic when you are attuned and adjusted to yourself.

You taught me exactly who I didn’t want to be. 

Standards of intellectual performance yield standardized intellectual performances. 

We must be citizens with each other precisely when it is neither desirable to be enemies nor possible to be comrades. 

Orientalism versus anti-Blackness for European colonalism is approximately the difference between subalternity versus subhumanity for the human-like-us.