Radical movements not only expand the terrain of what is politically possible; they also enlarge the horizons of what is politically thinkable. 

I have never felt like less of a political theorist, and I have never cared less about that fact.

If you can’t concentrate on research because it looks pointless in light of contemporary events, it may be time to look differently at different things.

All jobs are bullshit jobs. 

There are overdetermined structures and long duration processes. But only if there are also underdetermined events and compressed ruptures. 

We have the right to an education in dominant knowledge, but we have the duty to learn subordinate knowledges.

Still, in appropriating or overreacting to left demands, they signal what direction the future is taking. 

In the U.S. since Reagan, the political moderate has represented a moderation of right-wing ideology.

Many predictions of human behavior are actually promises.

You do realize that “blaccent” makes you appear more, not less, white, don’t you?