Who says that anyone has to wear pants?

It’s okay; we’re all terrible at it.

Is ass kissing, biting your tongue, and toeing the line necessary? All that may be necessary for survival. All that cannot be necessary for growth.

The only question of living, the only vital question, is “how.”

That’s why “cancel culture” cannot be cancelled. That’s also why “cancel culture” does not exist.

The thinker, not theory, is the “product” of thinking.

The people in front of the camera are Taystee’s and Maritza’s; the people behind the camera, and the camera’s perspective itself, are Piper’s and Alex’s.

Post-structuralism was premised on the eradication of the political. It is all too clear that the political has eradicated post-structuralism instead.

Then we can discuss what kind of “leftist” you might be. Can we skip this question of “belief”?

The Twitter theorist cares too much about what others think. The philosophical diarist cares too little.