Monthly Archives: June 2013

The recall procedures at libraries.

The most important of their public purposes is to place a healthy limit on the amount of time spent with trendy books.

That was super-awkward for you?

Amateur! For me, it was only awkwardness of the regular amount.

Political dimensions.

The times for us are historical; as for spaces, we think more could be public.

Who wants to live forever?

In the end, a life without an end-point would be pointless.

Walking around the neighborhood.

The dog, wagging its tail, stopped to say hello; the human on the cellphone pulled harder on the leash.

Literacy is not limited to letters.

We are moving into a post-literary, but not post-literate world.

Self-hatred is not necessarily pathological.

In the best of cases, it is the principled refusal to exempt oneself from a general misanthropy.

Freedom and love are both utopian.

But if love is eternal, then only the desire for freedom is not absurd.

Jackie Chan’s movies.

If nothing is worth risking life for, you are willing to die for nothing.

Living apart.

Criticism cannot be cultivated in living a part—including that of the critic.