Monthly Archives: July 2013

Let them be.

When thinking, I cannot control my urge to super- and subordinate. Things can be left as I encounter them in life—not exactly in disarray, but more like side by side.  

Media math.

As if reducing complex fractions, the media aims at the lowest common denominator for the purposes of simplification.

A minor act of resistance.

An intransigent streak of obscurantism and mysticism runs through my thought.

I feel trapped inside my head.

Yet every time I have the inclination to go outside, I ask myself if there is anywhere else to go.

Ideal, not idea.

A: Do you love me or the idea of me? B: Of you I have no idea, so it has to be you.

Faculties of speech.


Pity seeks out inequality. Compassion seeks to eliminate it.

Relation from non-relation.

I relate well to those with a similar ability to not relate.

Want happiness with memory?

Then remember to forget.

This life is not how one should live.

Not only that: this life is not really living.