Monthly Archives: August 2013

Platonic judgment.

The difference between good and bad art is sensible: visual, audible, tactile. The difference between thought and unthought is invisible, unheard, untouchable: in a word, intelligible. Therefore you don’t have to be able to make art in order to judge it (though you must have taste), but you do have to know how to think […]

Desire always “happens to be.”

Is there colorblind love? Okay then—how about gender-blind?

Why criticize?

Better to be a nag than a bore.

Hear me, my friends.

I deny that to be lovers is to be “more than friends” and that to be friends means being “just friends.” For friends are no less than lovers in their own way and lovers no more than friends in theirs.

Take any field of competition.

The talent will be overrated by the untalented, underrated by the minor talents, and berated by each other.

Why not?

The question of “why?” arises out of sheer wonder or sheer desperation.

Social anticipation.

X: A lot of people will be there. Y: And even more people won’t.

High school celebrity.

Just the other day, I heard about the kid who died. Hardly anybody knew him, yet everybody cried.

A metaphorical comparison.

I can’t decide whether life or death is more metaphorical.

Why are you saying that?

Valentine’s Day is the day when saying you don’t care about something is proof enough that you do.