Monthly Archives: August 2013


Minds don’t think alike. Alike, others don’t think.

Let there be lights.

Are these sweeping columns of light shot into the smoggy Hollywood skyline signs of a charmed existence?

Everything is a bit extreme.

The more I proclaim my independence from everything, the deeper I depend on everything for my sense of selfhood.

Punk, yacht rock, grunge.

The nostalgic listener gets into music initially disliked for the simple reason that they are no longer current.

Watered down advice.

Drop knowledge only if drowning in an excess of it.


Love haters are also hate lovers.


In the land of Zarathustra’s apes, Monkey is king.

Surplus alienation to the rescue.

Capitalist exploitation will never put capitalism itself into crisis.

Love and politics.

We are almost certain that they don’t work. That’s exactly why we have to keep at them.

The secret of greed.

The greedy share only what they can’t keep to themselves.