Monthly Archives: September 2013

All of us are accidents.

Some of us are still waiting to happen.

Those who kiss and tell display little tact.

No matter how much play they get, they are all talk in the end.

Persecuted and ignored.

The old man at the library started yelling at me for sitting next to him when so many other seats were available. Do you think I care who sits next me? I demanded—a split second before seeing his fear that he could disturb no one.

Joined at the hip.

Pseudo-individuation and strategic branding are connected by the narcissism of non-existent differences.

Shoes off.

I realize that the house of language will never be as tidy as I’d like it to be. But I’m not going to stop sweeping the floor just because I’m going to have to sweep it again.

What did I do?

One working for a good reputation is ready take credit even where it is not exactly deserved.


A good-sized audience consists of more than one and less than every one.

History of trickery.

Way back when, “objective” norms disguised domination as right. More recently, “subjective” choice disguises domination as freedom.

Trivializing respect.

The practice of interpreting “minority” literatures in light of “minority” cultures is now common. This hermeneutic is indefensible unless “majority” literatures are subjected to the same indignity of reductionism.

Violent desublimation.

Mixed Martial Arts undo that delicate sublimation of aggressiveness achieved by traditional martial arts.