Monthly Archives: September 2013

Dear Belle & Sebastian.

A slow song is not a fast song played a lower tempo.

Reason has little to do with it.

It takes a singular, powerful will to subordinate a multiplicity of inordinately strong desires.

Over-consumption is its own solution.

 The hybrid SUV represents a lesser indulgence requiring no sacrifice.

The explanans is often the same as explanandum.

Only fanatics of linear causality will insist that they alone can explain themselves.


Consistency insists on contradiction.

A metaphor for nothing.

Gaping, shut-eyed faces fill the window.

Lesson from my mentor.

It’s satisfying because I’m making it all up.

Subversive change.

Conventional wisdom can always be invalidated by changing the convention upon which it rests.

What can time do for art?

If everything is fashion, then time tests nothing.

I am you and you are me.

You are the impenetrable mystery. I am the detective without a clue.