Monthly Archives: October 2013

Blood, sweat, and tears.

I gladly contribute blood and sweat to a worthwhile project. As for tears, I’ll leave them for the crocodiles.

Broadly conceived, sexuality is everything.

Then again, anything broadly enough conceived is everything.

Do I impose the opposition?

Not if coincidences of opposites are the building blocks of the world.

Enemies have decided to become adversaries.

This is what it means to say that violence has a political solution. 

Saturday night is nothing special.

Those alone on this night experience how much more powerful the thing-for-us is than the thing-in-itself.

We only come out after midnight.

And only we are around to see it.

Losers say the darndest things.

A: I don’t compete with others. I compete only with myself. B: Good luck. I know one day you’ll find a competition you can win.

The pull.

The instant I saw the full, low-hanging moon I realized the reason I had been drawn outside tonight.

The pick up and the put down are arts.

Vanity is your friend in the former and your enemy in the later.

For you, insults are an instrument of social positioning.

You will never understand, much less enjoy, the art of the put down.