Monthly Archives: November 2013

Paranoia and schizophrenia.

The suspicion that nothing adds up contributes to the difficulty of keeping everything together.

Intense orgasm.

Irony-proof while it lasts.

All the same.

After you and I stopped talking, I became less discriminating about my friendships. 

Your dog looks tasty.

I mean I don’t eat canines, but I would like to try sacred cow.

Great comfort.

It is a relief to realize that you are not the worst thing on the planet. It is almost as much a relief as realizing that you are not the best.

Which of these is a rule?

1. There is the rule 2. There is the exception to the rule 3. There is the exception to the exception.

On proof.

Reasoning through rather than reporting an insight can weaken it.


Every game is a role playing game.

Second-generation immigrant.

The exile of the father is the alienation of the son.

The Ph.D. is not a real doctorate.

It’s okay, neither are any of the other doctoral degrees.