Monthly Archives: November 2013

Love and money.

A half-step up from sex and violence.


An ass who has come up with clever ways to bray and kick.

A beautiful smile.

It hints at a smirk.


The movement of pen across page meets the movement of masses across history.

A bullshit detector requires little energy.

However, it will stop working if its batteries are not periodically recharged.

Want a trial by fire?

Then make sure you are quick enough to avoid serious burns.

War for the bookish.

Polemics aren’t as serious as they’d like us to believe.

States of war into wars of words.

Would it be too aggressive to call most states of society disguised states of war?

Do it or else!

The issuing of an ultimatum is ultimately an instance of impotence.

Self-knowledge can be overrated.

It all depends on how highly you rate your self.