Monthly Archives: November 2013

Little and big.

For someone with so little to them, they are very much big on themselves.

Mood and color.

Mood:invisible world :: color:visible world.

A flash.

Entire worlds can be caught out of the corner of the eye.

Your audience is your guest.

To pander to their every desire is to insult them, but to invite them over to play and then sulk all day is almost as uncivil.

I’ve tried getting behind the idea of soulmates.

The only trouble is I’m not convinced of the existence of souls.

A brilliant, mediocre film.

“Hancock” ingeniously protects the Achilles Heel of even the best superhero movies—the lack of an engaging love-story. 


Words can only be removed a small distance from their underlying experiences without losing their vitality. Taken too far from their source, words transform into idea machines which do productive work.

Not made to last.

The principle of production will ruin everything if allowed to consume the realm of “culture.”

“Aeon Flux” might criticized for its lack of continuity.

Then again, the show might be lauded for its brilliant animation of futures.


Each of these aphorisms could be expanded into an essay. But who am I to relieve the pressure?