Monthly Archives: December 2013

Engendering MMA.

“Men” always attempt to mount, then ground-and-pound. “Women” have a dozen ways to submit their opponents off their backs.

Dreams as wish fulfillment?

Everyone gathered to say nice things about me. I woke at the point I realized I was watching my funeral.


The soul that transmigrates through various bodies is concretely virtual. Think here of what the internet has done to print.


The reasoning of analogies is homological. The reason for analogies is comparison.

Can’t argue with that.

Ignorance appeals to the incontrovertible in controversies.

Lines of antagonism.

Humanists recognize neither friends nor enemies. Hence anti-humanists bewilder them.

Attitude towards work.

Some like working when they’re fresh, others enjoy working when they’re tired.


The bookstore has public utility, the library is a public utility.


Like all technologies, the book stores up and wears down.

Philosophy of internet.

Where does the online personality go when its creator is offline?