Monthly Archives: January 2014

Treely thinking.

The pattern of my thoughts about this tree is like the pattern of the wind in its leaves.

Terms of relation and relation of terms.

My relationship with my mentor is one part mother-son, one part student-teacher, and one part peer-to-peer. So I figure our relationship is two thirds hierarchical and one third equal.

Bruce Banner vanishes into the Hulk.

But Benjamin Grimm is the Thing—a grim fate indeed.

Is that thinking?

Any cognitive process that a computer can perform better than a human being is better called “calculating.”

You call that a light?

Reason is like a pair of night-vision goggles in the night of experience.


The death of Romance has made Death more romantic.

This is not an ace.

Not the trump card of any argument, Experience is the table around which the game of argumentation is played.

To exhaust.

The deepest exhaustion is the exhaustion of being.

Nolan, “The Dark Knight.”

What kind of law-abiding people must be deceived to sustain the law?

You think dance music is stupid.

Well, how many philosophers out there know how to dance?