Monthly Archives: January 2014

He keeps telling me to shut it.

Yeah, I’d be quiet if I could be guaranteed a little silence.

Who is hell?

You are bored as hell because you are only interested in yourself.

They have the right idea.

A thousand thoughts escape into the background of one dream.

Discipline is defensive.

When procrastination strikes, productivity strikes back.

Conditioned for the unconditional.

Better to be lacking with you than fulfilled with any other.

From a place of indignation.

It is distasteful to contemplate how few caught in the belly of the beast want to stir up even a little indigestion.

Quit slobbering.

It takes a sharp tongue to administer a tongue lashing.

Dog and man, under and over.

Underdog is overman’s worst enemy.

Nothing inspires confidence like trust.

And nothing inspires social confidence like a trust fund.

What’s so scary about horror movies?

It’s those books on schizophrenia that freak me out.