Monthly Archives: February 2014

The smog of war.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

The spoken and the true.

In the rare event that words reveal the truth, rest assured that no one says until it shows.


Has there ever been a moralist who has not believed themselves to be at bottom good? Then again, has there ever been who an amoralist that has not known themselves to be even better at heart?

TV commercials.

Subtle influence can be gained by allowing even the stupidest to believe that they are smarter than you appear to be. 

Corporations, capitalism, or himself.

Who’s left for the leftist rich white male to complain about?

The art of truism.

You can’t have it both ways—there’s no two ways about it.


Statisticians are in some ways never caught and in others always caught in lies.

Inconvenience displaced.

The sauce comes in an upsidedown squeeze bottle so you don’t have to dig when its nearly empty. Every time I open the fridge door, the misshaped thing falls over. 

Status anxiety drives productivity?

Weber’s thesis that a Protestant preoccupation with predestination is the spiritual origin of capitalism is nowhere near universal.

Beverly Hills.

An abundance of gates, walls, and fences surround and divide this “community.” Parking restrictions are everywhere and sidewalks are nowhere.