Monthly Archives: February 2014

Three theses on sexuality.

1. Let heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality be three basic positions within the system of sexuality. 2. Asexuality is a position outside of the system, but entailed by its logic. 3. Omnisexuality is a logic which exceeds this system of positioning.  


A: I don’t like clichés. Q: Why do you hate me so much?

Why the gambler enjoys the game.

The odds are stacked and she knows it.

A seducer is like a thermostat.

A degree or two of movement can change the temperature of the whole room.

Far, far away.

It’s funny how staying away can make being apart bearable.

I’ve seen those eyes before.

Yours is the gaze of the historically shortsighted.

Fine and Dandy.

The Rose that grew from concrete caught sight of the Dandy caught between his desire to pluck and his disinterested appreciation.

Moodiness strikes.

There is no method to my sadness.

Excuse me.

I am never more into my work than when someone distracts me from it.

“That’s not another story.”

The grand narrative about Humanity, History, Progress, Regress, etc. has one basic message.