Monthly Archives: February 2014

Living culture is pop culture.

The biggest dupes of fads are the ones who cannot follow them.

Arakawa, “Full Metal Alchemist.”

Alphonse embodies the idea that the soul can exist without the body, but cannot exist without memories. His ownmost implication is that the eternal soul cannot exist without time.

You tell me that I have “no class”?

That’s like the trailer calling the R.V. “trash.”

Emotional equation.

Drive = desire – misdirection.

The universal equivalent?

That they are not in it for the money does not rule out the possibility that they are in it for the comparative value.

Holy Shit.

The line separating the pure and the profane is not very clean.

I can’t argue with that.

Your argument is incontestable—you are contesting nothing.

I suppose so.

The presupposition of the act of presupposing is logic.

Any overlap is pure coincidence.

Most men of independent minds are not men of independent means.

On cathexis.

All the noodles are in the boiling water. Now the absence of stirring will create attachments which break messily.