Monthly Archives: March 2014


The goal of checkers players is to be kinged. The goal of chess players is to take the king out.


Colliding trains of thought are the cause of many spiritual train-wrecks.

Against pity.

To share one’s suffering is to multiply it; to bear one’s suffering is to divide it.


The first principle of my worldview is that the world cannot be viewed as one.

Just reverse it.

Give me strength to reject the things I cannot change and accept the things I can.

Suppose that humanity is one.

If so, then humans are bent on self-harm, self-contempt, and self-doubt.

Solutions in a different register.

Jazz is the only music which has solved the “political” problem of collective action and self-disclosure.

What’s your problem?

A critic is one who suggests that the problem is we do not know what the problem is.

Without condition?

Two kinds of unconditional relationships often coincide in the realm of human affairs. The one invites abjection, the other indicates the way to joy.

Words bind.

The world would be a hopeless place if words had to express intentions, feelings, and beliefs. An insincere promise, for instance, can be just as binding as a sincere oath.