Monthly Archives: March 2014

The things words do.

Saying “I love you” during a sexual act is as situating-changing as saying “I do” at a marriage ceremony.

The rebel is ridiculous sublimity.

Her existence is a rebellion against a society that she herself admits does not really exist.

Fans of Asian dramas will recognize me easily.

I am the moody guy on the losing end of those classic love-triangles.

You are your own blind spot.

You see, then, how easy it is to be blindsided.

Unevenly divided and at odds.

The more one examines the self, the more the self appears to be not one.

Talking about itself.

It is not a sheer coincidence that the increased self-reflexivity of post-modernity has been accompanied by an increased attention to linguistic practices. Still, as the post-modernist would maintain, it is still a coincidence.


Thought must find out what life had already found to be true.

Why is it called “research”?

To search again is to search anew.

City life.

The path of cognition is caught between skyscrapers of conceit and tenements of despair.

Where the ocean meets the shore.

The path of experience is hewed between waves of desire and sandcastles of imagination.