Monthly Archives: April 2014

Blue Scholars.

The impassioned yet monotone delivery of Geologic makes him the Helvetica of hip-hop.

Political concepts are not scientific concepts.

If not articulated from a position of passionate commitment, the four central concepts of politics—equality, authority, freedom, and order—would have no meaning or validity whatsoever.

Thankful for miscommunication.

Civility would be impossible if we could clearly and transparently communicate our thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

A gadfly isn’t going to cut it.

Thoughts are not taken seriously enough for your thoughts to be dangerous. They are considered irritations.

Months and months.

The U.S. government now places LBGT communities, disabled people, blacks, Amerindians, Asians, and Latinos each in their own time, refusing to recognize the antagonisms which cut across every social space.

Affirmation of ambiguity.

The erotic is a possibility only if you are able to say yes.

Everything has its price.

It’s a good thing you are so cheap.

The fall.

Things fall from the sky—things fall into place—things fall flat—things fall apart.

Wide awake.

The best kind of insomnia is spiritual.


How often do rich people say “thank you” or “sorry”?