Monthly Archives: April 2014

A reverse parallel.

A writer who cannot read is like a musician who does not listen, whereas a writer who does not read is like a musician who cannot hear.

My preferred definition.

An aphorism is the literary form of an intuition whose elaboration would obscure rather than illuminate.

The hidden mouth.

Our pursuits of pleasures always articulate something universal which exceeds every particular pursuit: it pleases me to call this excess “principle.”

The actual reason science is not a religion.

Modern science posits a distinction between the scientific and the non-scientific. Hence science can claim that the existence of God or Gods is a non-scientific question. A proper religion makes no distinction between the religious and the non-religious. Hence religions can make ultimate claims about reality and truth.

This is too Real, reality save me.

When I look into this city night, let me not glimpse transcendence in distant lights.

Thoughts on Nella Larsen.

All of us passing for what we are not, we too shall one day come to pass as humans.

Wisdom and foolishness.

To know you are not wise is already wisdom. To think you are not foolish is already foolishness.

They are my blindspot and I am theirs.

I can see with painful acuity what is on the back on their head. They could see the same on mine if they bothered to look.

And I thought I was arrogant!

An exaggerated version of yourself magnifies your vices to the point that they become impossible to ignore.

Depth experiences.

A lie is the shortest distance between two depths.