Monthly Archives: May 2014

Global neighborhood dumpster.

When strangers dig through our trash, we’d call it “invasion of privacy.” When we post our most intimate details on the internet, it is called “social networking.”

Laws cannot rule.

The rule of law at most means that the law is the set of rules which authorize and limit those who rule.

Go ahead, take a bite out of me.

But eating too many twinkies will ruin your appetite.

I can’t find my glasses–I’m blind without them.

A similar kind of difficulty arises in my search for perspective.

Head and shoulders.

It is quite difficult to stand on your own head; it is even more difficult to stand on your own shoulders.


Each of the four central political concepts has a social doppelgänger: Equality has sameness, Authority has value, Freedom has choice, and Order has norm.

On pies and knives.

The reformist wants to use with well-worn knives to divide already-baked pies, whereas the revolutionist wants to build sharper knives and better ovens. Hence reformists consider revolutionists to be half-baked, while revolutionists consider reformists to be extremely dull.

The sexual is the social.

Evolutionary theory cannot explain, for example, what the advantage of homosexuality could be.

The ambient music stopped.

I barely noticed.

You wonder who is not doing their fair share.

Minorities are now expected to know both “mainstream” and “marginal” cultures in the same way that women are now expected to do both “male” and “female” work.