The sexual is the social.

Evolutionary theory cannot explain, for example, what the advantage of homosexuality could be.


  1. It moves outside of the Grand Synthesis of descent with variation, which deals with individual genomes, and falls under the study of the evolution of groups of humans. Anthropology. To have a small percentage of the clan not involved with raising their own families leaves them free to devote their time to attending to the needs of the clan as a whole, a medicine man (or woman) perhaps. But in any event, homosexuality is not a feature of genetics. One cannot breed it out of the species. It is rooted in prenatal brain-wiring, the same process that gives us Lefties.

  2. I’ve heard Richard Dawkins give a number of similar explanations at the level of social group (e.g. “gay uncle” theory). These all sound highly speculative in the absence of real (i.e. professional) anthropological research, though I would be happy to consider the cultural or physical evidence for such claims. Otherwise what we’re dealing with is speculative anthropology/history in the vein of 17th-18th c. Western Europeans (most of which was highly imaginative to say the least).

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