Monthly Archives: May 2014

Love is puppy dog.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Alternative media is good enough for me.

I am just as irritated by racist Hollywood stereotypes as the next Asian American. But I am equally irritated by Asian American desires to participate in mainstream Hollywood pap.

We show up to the same places to do the same things.

The difference is you came with your kind, and I came with mine, and we will both leave with the same.

A ditty.

They’ll all be ones who get away until I trick the one who stays.

Music education.

That music is a mess for you only because you have not learned the conventions and traditions which organize it.

Your telling is bold.

Yet such sheer suffering is better left untold.

I’m up to my eyes in shit.

So forgive me for not opening my mouth.

What I learned from Lenin.

Professional revolutionaries are well suited to become state officials. After all, their idea of revolution is one big conspiracy.

This is not a ghetto.

Recent, rich immigrants from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong have created new and revitalized old “ethnic enclaves” in the U.S. Sometimes it is better to live at the center of the periphery than at the periphery of the center.

X, Y, Z.

These generations are not generative of the general.