Monthly Archives: June 2014

Bury and dig.

X: I dig intellect. Y: That’s good to hear. I have buried mine. Advertisements

Fortune, family, fame.

The ambitious ones who claim no time to think appear, upon a moment’s reflection, to be the least ambitious of all.

Credulous towards all the wrong things.

The skeptic towards every principle is often the biggest sucker for any product on the market.

Others hold the self together.

See how fast the self fragments or multiplies after prolonged periods of isolation.

Theists have no monopoly on moralism.

Atheists must defend themselves from charges of amorality or immorality—this tends naturally towards overcompensation.

The genre stuff is generic.

What is most remarkable about pop culture is how wide a swath of the world can be caught within a narrow repertoire of genres.

Why does he go out only to refuse all company?

Certain kinds of brooding must been seen to be believed.