Monthly Archives: June 2014

These kids do 10 things at once.

These days one must multitask to get anything at all done.

You’re going to reap what you sow.

What you will reap, you cannot know.

The work of dreams.

A few nights of sleep are needed before an insight can be expressed as an idea.

On top.

The central medium of an age subordinates and preys upon peripheral media: think of how the video clip relates to film, novels, songs, dance, photography, theatre, etc.


The essential term of existence is relation.

The king of improvisation.

Jazz is dead. Long live hip-hop.

The question regarding technologists.

A Silicon Valley type told me there are three types of people: innovators, imitators, and idiots. This suggested a simpler typology to me: there are idiots and non-idiots.

Who wants to live forever?

“Highlander” and “The Hunger” are two movies which clearly articulate the superhuman difference between the immortal and the eternal.

Another political economy.

The point of production is where one can put the point of consumption into question.

The corridor of memory.

He backed away from a staircase plunging towards a dimly lit door, lacking the courage to see if it was locked.