Monthly Archives: July 2014

Invisible made visible.

Art reveals who the artist is like nothing else can.

Beauty is in the eye of “the public.”

Despite all their privileges, beautiful people are exploited as public resources.

In the beginning…

The origin story called “the big bang” is clearly marked by modern science’s metaphysical inheritance.


The challenge is to remain progressive without believing in progress.

“Mixed race” children may have multiple identity crises.

Soon, though, new articulations of “mixing” metaphors may very well reverse the scale of values.

I don’t doubt that you’ve “realized” something.

I just doubt that anyone has had all that many insights, much less one every other day.

The democratization of privilege.

The luxury of boredom once reserved for aristocrats has been extended to managers, laborers, and unemployed people.

Disagreement is at the origin of any identity.

Chinese and Japanese activists wanted to call it “yellow power.” Filipino activists replied that they were “brown.” “Asian American” was a compromise.

“Racial purity.”

The mixing of Irish, Italians, Poles, and Jews into “whites” shows that “racial impurities” have in fact sustained fantasizes of their very opposite.

The flux.

You cannot step into the same pile of shit twice.