Monthly Archives: July 2014

Experience is the truest teacher.

All who learn this lesson do so from experience.

We need not reinvent the wheel.

At the same time, we are not afraid to roll off the beaten path.


These liars are not imaginative enough to tell the truth.

Hair and other things.

Once it goes grey, it never goes back.

“I don’t mind…”

I saw the best of my generation destroyed by mindlessness.

Public opinion is opinion about the public.

It consists in opinions formed by publics in debate. So public opinion is an opinion about the public which partakes of publicity.

How so convincing?

“Cultural relativism” makes sense for anyone who enters a different world every time they step outside the house or come back to the neighborhood.

Cage, 4’20”.

X: Every time I listen to this song, I hear something new. Y: It could be that you have a short memory.

An interest in the neighborhood.

Part of the interest of a garage sale is one glimpses what items were inside the place next door.

Terribly moving.

The sex scenes are unusually graphic, but the narrative thread makes “The Wayward Cloud” Tsai Ming-Liang’s most sentimental film.