Monthly Archives: August 2014

Let there be Many without an All.

Now see how this one-sided one calls one side “reality” and the rest “appearances.”

Seen from the back of the procession.

Who is surging forwards? Who is struggling? Who is abandoned? Who is breaking away?

Speaking from the heart?

Saying the same thing over and over again.


Let our positions be compromising without being compromised.

The table of the world both separates and relates.

Its stability depends on us playing musical chairs; too much table turning will destroy it.

The deed is done.

The deed is the experience. The doer is the afterthought.


You haven’t really moved until you’ve broken a bone. You haven’t really moved until you’ve broken your spirit.


The true trauma is discovering that what was experienced as the life-defining trauma meant absolutely nothing.

The pleasure is mine.

The weight of these tomes in my hands is a reminder of discipline, the imposition of which I have learned to enjoy.

History is not only black and white.

Images of Akhenaten look “black” to many moderns; images of Shinji Ikari look “white” to the same audience.