Monthly Archives: September 2014

One size fits all.

An ideologist thinks they know the Answer before they even hear the question.

A page from the book of an other.

I am a beginner who would like to turn a piece of paper into a plant or an animal: I add nothing, I subtract nothing, I only fold.

Sovereignty is a possibility within the mental sphere.

It is an impossibility in the political realm and a fantasy in the sexual field.

Hi-end audio equipment, lossless file formats, etc.

See how cloth-eared audiophiles enjoy their hi-fidelity background music!

Multicultural madness.

Majorities now demand that minorities bear an authentic, unreflective relation to “their own culture.” This fantasy induces an incredible resentment towards those imagined to not bear the burden of “choice.”

Scars, by nature, remain.

The surgery which removes them is cosmetic.

The sun is the good.

She lay awake that night, waiting for the monitor to turn itself off. She opened the blinds that night, waiting to sleep in the sunshine.

The social question.

The first social revolution was the French Revolution. The first “successful” social revolution was the Industrial Revolution.

An intellectualized passion.

Loving humanity is a tremendous feat of abstraction.

Revealing choices.

This one will be the better friend: he would jump off a bridge. This one will be the interesting friend: he would collide with oncoming traffic.