Monthly Archives: September 2014

A catastrophe created fossil fuels.

Humans will cause an even greater catastrophe using them up.

Covered ground.

Essentialism talk? It is inessential.


A complainer is a claimant without a cause.

There are such things as coincidences.

When we are ready to recognize that such coincidences are meaningful, we will be reconciled with our conditions of contingency.


The boredom that many liberal democracies feel for electoral politics is worrisome. Things look better in civil society, where the passion for modern politics has always been.

The royal road.

The dream world reveals the intelligibility of waking life.

A and Not-A.

The point of dialectics is to move beyond the contradictions at which ratiocination is compelled to stop.

Constant change.

The more things change, the more change stays the same.

Desire is inexhaustible.

A wanker’s work is never done.


The passageway from the symbolic into the material is the imaginary.