Monthly Archives: September 2014

Low expectations, lousy behavior.

Our indulgence of the childish tantrums of even mediocre artists says nothing about creative sources and everything about social expectations.

You don’t seem to be harming anyone else.

So go ahead—do whatever makes you unhappy. 

He tried to get beyond thought.

He found that the only path led downwards.


The white Americans went back and forth about the alienation they felt abroad in a supposed homeland. I almost told them that is how American-born people of color and “second generation immigrants” feel in the U.S.

Subjectivity is a best seller.

Two sections are overloaded at practically every bookstore: “fiction” and “psychology.”

Animals, arts.

A political animal, like a martial artist, must first figure out a fighting style.

Everything she says is true.

However, she deprives truth of its very life by speaking in the voice of reason.