Monthly Archives: October 2014

The window onto the future.

Sometimes an insect bangs frantically against the edge of an open window.

We ask if the ancients are still relevant.

Ask instead if we are worthy of learning from them.

Everything is in all things.

But nothing is in all things too.

Asymmetric times.

Chinese have been in the Americas much longer than the Americas have been in Chinese.

Some take main streets to crowded places.

Others, in the interest of expediency, take the side streets. Then there are explorers of alleyways, undergrounds, and skyscrapers.

King of kings?

More like a king without subjects.

Anamnesis and the unconscious.

It takes bizarre concepts to explain the bizarre case of not knowing what we already know.

Images of isolation.

One sits alone in a room lit only by a screen. What difference if the screen is connected to the internet?

Direction and position.

The path you have chosen indicates the side you have taken.

What is your gut feeling?

That depends on what have you been consuming.