Monthly Archives: October 2014

Interpolated drives.

Between love and strife, there is love and strife; between death and life, there is death and life.

Archon Fung.

A name appropriate to a democrat and leader.

If I can’t do it, no one can.

Discovering their own wisdom to be folly, the conceited come to doubt that anyone can be wise.

Can’t smell what’s right under your nose?

Rub your finger against your upper lip, then smell your finger.

A history of need.

The development of the psyche brought a host of needs into the world. Unlike the old needs, the new needs could not be met.

Wisdom is knowledge of one’s ignorance.

Self-consciousness is consciousness of the self’s unconsciousness.

Experiments in control.

Loneliness decreases our ability to control impulses, including the impulse of self-control.

A student suffers to learn and learns to suffer.

A teacher who makes learning fun deprives education of its unique pleasures.

Why some might find hyenas striking.

All hyenas are guaranteed the phallus and the ability to cackle.

So many false problems, so little time.

Genetic manipulation, anabolic steroids, and other technological advances are not “unnatural.” They are, however, lacking in respect for chance and finitude.