Monthly Archives: November 2014

It only goes one way.

The rich and powerful have done bad things to get where they are. This is not to say that the poor and oppressed have done any good.

Who is settler and who is native?

Taiwanese who claim that displaced Chinese colonized them might look into their own replacement of Austronesian aborigines.

Please open up your wallet.

Let us have a look at that all of that “checked privilege.”

Jared Diamond, “Guns, Germs, and Steel.”

The authority of modern science no longer needs the conceit of Western cultural superiority.

One claws their way up from nothing.

One pair of claws, however, cannot even scratch the power structure.

An assessment of strengths.

The average “primitive” individual will know more than the average “civilized” individual, but the average “civilized” society will know more than the average “primitive” society.

Oh, my!

A parvenu is living a lie—someone else’s, to be exact.

Sympathy can cover great distances.

The conscientious among a certain class is conscious about exploiting workers overseas. Even this minimal expression of conscience, though, rarely questions the right to exploit workers closer to home.

“Life is a gift.”

They say the same thing about other sexually transmitted diseases.

Strange association.

Job searching prompts much soul searching.