Monthly Archives: November 2014

Carl Sagan, “Cosmos.”

The non-scientific meaning of astrophysics and astronomy is that science has been unable to transcend the yearning for transcendence.

Yes, I know I am saying what you already know.

I think you need new conversations, not new knowledge.

What’s the score?

Explaining to everyone why I don’t care about love is like explaining to fanatics why I don’t follow their game.

She could not commit.

She overcommitted every time.


Great minds think alike. So do mediocre minds.

It’s hard to scandalize a scoundrel.

He’s seen it all. Plus, most of it was his own doing.

The great beyond.

There is not enough “there” to pin down.

Accidents have happened.

What a wonderful coincidence that life emerged. What an extraordinary accident that humans evolved. What an incredible chance that I have of becoming me.

A journey to the stars.

The twin paradox captures the pathos of technology.

Easy to be hard.

“A hard-nose realist” is the easiest thing to be in “post-ideological” times.