Monthly Archives: November 2014

An interview question.

X: Why do you want this job? Y: Ever since I was a little boy, I have dreamed of one day being gainfully employed.


An earlier variant of the two world problem split the sensible world from the intelligible world. A later variant of the two world problem split the outer world from the inner world. A newer variant of the two world problem would not be a problem.

Bad relationships.

Those who blame parents, like Henry Darger, have sided with children. Those who blame children, like Sigmund Freud, have sided with parents.

We are individuals, they are a collective.

The fallacy of titles like “Socrates and Asian Thought” can quickly be exposed by turning the tables: a title like “Zhu Xi and Western Thought” clearly suffers from an overgeneralization.

I am afraid of heights.

Do I doubt the stability of this ledge or the constancy of my desire?

There are many worlds.

But there is only one pluriverse.

I see more than black and white.

Just look at all those wonderful shades of grey!


A captain navigates the ship of state. The skiff of individuality seeks safe harbors.

Rule: every case is an exception that exceeds the rule.

Exception: the paradigmatic case is an exception that defines the rule.

The late Coltrane.

Free jazz is painting without representation and theatre without narrative.