Monthly Archives: December 2014

A double negative is not an affirmation.

It was out of not two, but an overflowing of “no’s” that my “yes” came. Advertisements

Choice of company.

She avoided contact with her old friends not because she didn’t like them anymore, but because she didn’t like herself back then.

Comedians are serious, as they should be.

I am terrified of people who are not constantly cracking jokes; in this day and age, they are the ones who truly believe nothing.

Musical taste is like sexual taste.

I do not choose to like this musician or genre of music. Nor is my preference directly biological. The determinants of musical taste are biographical, historical, and sociological.

Intolerance of intolerance for tolerance, etc.

Every universal principle acquires its coherence by contradicting itself at the point of self-defense.

What cannot be owned cannot be stolen.

He tried stealing some ideas. Having failed, he tried to steal a few words.

Hiding out.

Anything that appears appears to be something other than it is.