How are you going to revolutionize culture?

You cannot even stop celebrating Christmas.



  1. But then the imprtance of revolutionising culture is diminished when compared to the economic boost holiday sales would bring. Alas, money is and perhaps will be for a long time now more important than cultural value (in the case when their pursuit entails opposite actions, of course, like in this case). So they just pretend they believe in this and other holidays, to “perpetuate” the “holiday spirit”.

    1. I think the “cultural revolutionary” (I’m thinking, for instance, of professional intellectuals who lean left) doesn’t just pretend to believe in the holidays they celebrate (whatever ideas might be rattling around in their heads). They effectively believe in them and their real priorities are in line with them.

  2. Some do and some don’t. But some do because it is way easier to go with the flow and never really question the value of it… When everything around you is wrapped up in such a way to induce a certain atmosphere asociated with a holiday it takes a lot of mental strength to go against the flow and question its very basis. The phenomenon that Nietzsche loved to call ‘the herd’…

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