Monthly Archives: December 2014

Reasons and rationalizations.

Reasons will eventually run out. Rationalizations go on endlessly.


The absurd idea is not that “socialism” and “democracy” are compatible, but rather that “the social” and “the demos” can be thought separately today.

“Neutral in itself, technology is only what we make of it.”

To see the limits of this perspective, remember a world without electricity or imagine a world where everyone is a tool.

Two attitudes towards pain.

“It’s just a scratch,” one said of their mortal wound. “I am morally wounded,” another said of their scratch.

A personal resolution is like a political revolution.

Great promises of freedom and determination are followed by a few weeks of good behavior, if that.

Smart Americans do physics, smart French do philosophy.

This doesn’t show that intelligence is socially constructed so much as it shows that intellectuals respond to incentive structures.

Let it go?

That I am attacking does not mean that I am attached.

Kelly Tsai got me into slam poetry.

More than our taste for a genre or even our recognition of quality, our taste for company and even our identification with an artist accounts for the art we like.

How are you going to revolutionize culture?

You cannot even stop celebrating Christmas.

Three wise guys walked into a bar.

“This always happens,” the first claimed. “No,” the second responded. “This has never happened before and never will again.” The third suggested, “Well, sometimes you just need a drink.”