Monthly Archives: January 2015

Back in balance.

The counterweight to extreme moderation is moderate extremism.

Why have I studied intellectual history?

So I can learn why I believe the things that we believe.

The decided comes after the decision.

A decision puts an end to a long chain of discourse. Meaning from the surrounding sentences rushes in, filling the gap.

This art really speaks to me.

“Pluck out your eyes,” it says.

The senses are strange.

First of all, as some Marxists would point out, they have a history. Second of all, as some Buddhists would maintain, they must be purified.

I am ahead or behind the curve?

You only have the right to ask this question if your bent is a little different.

Numbers game.

One who says “one, but not one” is saying “two, but not two” too.

I am not a professor: this is a profession.

I am a teacher and a student: class is always in session.

Researchers boast of unexpected results.

They suppose, on dubious sociological and psychological assumptions, that such results signal the absence of preconceptions or a willingness to accept truth.

Mutual reinforcement.

The doubt of the faithless cannot compare to the doubt of the faithful.