Monthly Archives: January 2015

A thought inspired by Apple.

The verbiage surrounding high-end ideas is like the packaging surrounding high-end products—attractive, disposable, and hopefully recyclable.

Nassim Taleb counsels traders to be flexible thinkers.

I suppose that the “philosophical” trader should be flexible on the question of pursuing profits?

Only from the outside.

The problem of total ignorance is how one attains any knowledge, which must first be knowledge of one’s ignorance. The solution is a short circuit, the intervention of some “outside” event which re-circuits the effect as the cause.


Here is my approach to the modest aim of making my alienation authentic.

They effectively are what they essentially are not.

Scientists claim to be skeptics, but their authority forces them to be dogmatic; humanists claim to be committed, but their marginality requires them to be compromisers.

Prayer works when you don’t believe in it.

But you wouldn’t be on your knees if you didn’t already believe.

Great writers are always great thinkers.

What a shame, though, that great thinkers are often terrible writers.

Meeting in a familiar place.

One immersed himself fully in his fully intensified pains and pleasures, the other detached himself from his absolutely minimized pains and pleasures.

How do I know that “spirituality” exists?

The same way that I know that anything exists: through imperfect observations partially constitutive of practical experiences.

A lesson from Galcon.

The player who thinks of nothing but themselves is the one least able to secure their own interests.