Monthly Archives: February 2015

Too much is said vs. too much to say.

All words are overused in a time of too much writing.

How misanthropic!

They call ignorance, greed, and selfishness “vices.”

Plurality of unity.

One great teaching spreads through an infinity of sectarian splits.

You were already paranoid and anxious.

So don’t blame the THC. Thank the drug for enhancing your self-awareness.

One dead sooner, another dead a little later.

Socrates went to his death to prove a point, whereas Galileo negotiated to save his life: this is the decision between ethical truth versus value-free knowledge.

Monkey business.

I am like Kafka’s ape—except I must learn to like bananas.

Asian, American, ironist.

Assuming an attitude of aloofness, he preserved some small measure of self-respect—but a small one, at that.

I’m over that café.

I prefer to be the most pretentious person in the coffee shop.

No regrets.

Only reinterpretations can redeem our remembrances of times we’d rather, but cannot forget.

Rule of nobody.

What some bureaucracies lack in size, they make up for in lack of speed.