Monthly Archives: February 2015


Fear of silence is a characteristically social anxiety; fear of being silenced is a characteristically political preoccupation.

Each door is a mirror.

And every mirror is a door.

Civil associations.

Half of membership is showing up. The other half is making contributions.


The path I have chosen is paved with books.

Economic nationalism seems to be rational.

But the mystery is why an economy would need nationally organized feelings in the first place.

Wesley Yang, “Paper Tigers.”

You’ve got issues. But don’t we all.


Hitting targets that others can’t see is genius; hitting targets that others won’t recognize is madness.

A quick read.

What I don’t know about has filled your book.

Difference comes from discourse.

To speak of the oneness of all things is a contradiction that must be spoken to be believed.

Skinny girls with thin voices.

Listening with your eyes is a bad habit.