Monthly Archives: March 2015

A runner’s thought.

One who conflates naturalness with spontaneity should consider the speed at which a tree pushes roots up through the sidewalk.

Equality and antagonism.

Honestly hostility is more respectful than patronizing “pleasantness.”

Contraries coincide.

One current in the Sea of Contradiction inevitably flows into its opposite.

The challenge of ethics.

It is to imagine how we can take responsibility for collective actions over which we have no ultimate control.

Humility and humiliation.

A sense of humility is the most difficult thing to retain after an outright humiliation.

Paths and places.

Not all paths lead to the same place. Nor are all destinations desirable. A pluralist simply affirms that many paths lead to many desirable places.

An artist’s suicide, a revolution betrayed.

An early death liberates something of great promise from the inevitability of decline. From this comes its poignancy and the pathos.

From Nietzsche’s critique of Truth.

If we call pre-modern Chinese and Indian studies of nature “unscientific” due to their metaphysical cast, then we must similarly classify modern European studies of the same.

Social reality is an empty room whose every wall is a mirror.

One must go into the room to see what is there; otherwise, there will be nothing to see at all.

The gift of gab.

Pathbreakers are likely to stumble upon Language.