Monthly Archives: March 2015

Parsing the social, the political, and the private.

The problem is that marriage is completely socialized (discriminatory to oppressive). Marriage must be politicized (that is, equalized) for the sake of privacy (in the sense of intimacy).

I understand your education gives you a big head.

But your arguments remind me of that dream where you showed up to the exam with no pants and everyone was laughing.

Don’t mind me.

A broad mind must embrace all kinds of narrowness.

We all live in our heads.

The question is what part do you dwell in?

Pretty much the same in global perspective.

If two incredibly diverse sets of spiritual practices can be called “Hinduism” and “Buddhism,” then the third great world religion should be called “Monotheism.”

What is a vehicle?

Had you actually made it to the other shore, you wouldn’t be carrying that raft on your back.

Here’s an idea: study humans.

I don’t derive deep insights about monkeys from my study of humans. So how can I take studies of monkeys seriously when they pronounce upon “human nature”?

Doing to themselves what others do to them.

Beautiful people lavish an incredible amount of attention on themselves.

Come on in!

A Taoist, upon learning of Shakyamuni Buddha, thought Lao Zi must have journeyed west. A Hindu, upon learning of Siddhartha Gautama, thought he sounded like an avatar of Vishnu.

Dear Diary.

I would write more, but my audience has yet to return.