Monthly Archives: April 2015

You can’t win them all.

You can’t lose them all either.


Judgments about what is realistic are always informed by assumptions about what reality is.


We hear much about the monastic and lay communities, but much less about the solitary practioners. All is well—this is how the pratyekabuddhas like it.

What, you mean Chris Jeon is basically seeking adventure?

Lenin and the other professional revolutionaries are rolling in their graves.

It all starts here.

Other-awareness is the othering-origin and self-surpassing of self-awareness.

No meds for me.

I prefer my unhappiness the old-fashioned, all-natural way.

In affairs public or private sincerity only goes so far.

I would even say that skill alone can take you all the way.

“All-too-human” and the “all-too-inhuman.”

These, as far as I can tell, are perfectly synonymous expressions.

Hacktivists champion openness.

Yet they have demonstrated that new forms of disclosure require new forms of secrecy.

The meanings of “literal.”

Literal truth is, to be quite literal, truly a contradiction in terms.