Monthly Archives: May 2015

Is there a God-shaped hole in the ontological order?

Perhaps. But there is just as likely a brain-shaped hole in your book-shaped head.

For good reasons.

A dominant group that denies that its dominance thereby denies its existence.

We will never tire of talking about sex and violence.

This is only to be expected of two experiences structured by the principle of endless repetition.

Ready to run.

There’s a limit to how many times a line, no matter how flexible, can be toed before it snaps.

Thought has no aim.

However, despair is at the origin of all thinking.

Everything has its proper measure.

Austerity is not the proper measure of a government.

What good is resentment doing me?

Only someone with luck enough to have never been dominated can even ask that question.

Who wants to be an equal?

Anyone who demands to be treated as an individual regardless of race is hankering after a white privilege that whites never really wanted.

The truth is untrue here.

One who claims to speak truth in matters of opinion wants to cheat.

Epistemic and existential.

There is no question of knowing who you are. There is only the process of becoming it.