Monthly Archives: May 2015

He is not without beginning and end.

He is a merely being with an incredibly long life span.


Yeah, the closest you got to “organic” was your last trip to Whole Foods.

I would complain that they took away my weekend.

But I “choose” to work on Saturday or Sunday. Plus, they can’t take away what I never had.

This radical is rich.

Funny, he doesn’t put his mouth where his money is.

Humans flooded the open.

We swallowed the silence and spewed out the noise.

Politics of demand.

Impossible demands are invitations for the powers that be to grant things for which nobody asked.

Mistaken thinking and pseudo-activity.

The thought that we are nothing but what we do drives most us away from doing nothing.

Using constraints.

A bind is a terrible thing to waste.

What can “eternity” mean to us “now”?

Any serious discussion of eternity must proceed on the assumption it must be found within time.

“You can’t use the master’s tool to tear down his house.”

The assumption—mistaken, I think—is that a tool cannot be re-tooled.